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Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending with some friends a jumble trail in which locals sold old – and in some instances new – bits and bobs from their front yards. About an hour into our search, what did I find?

I had to buy it. It never ceases to amaze me how far the name of Brontë has come from the remote hills of Haworth..!

Another sweet find were two coasters that resemble two well beloved (well in one case, well feared) characters from Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials – Iorek Brynison (the bear) and Marisa Coulter’s sinister dæmon, the Golden Monkey. All from the same stall, spookily. Horley and Grinstead from Pullman’s latest work, The Collectors, come to mind.

Was it by some Divine Providence that I found these items? Since my Brontë-mania began in (between Nov 2013 and Feb 2014) lots of peculiar things have happened, quite by chance, that have suggested I am on the right path – but many coincidences happen daily, I suppose, and as I said above, they have become known far and wide, and their reach and influence extends across the world. Oh, to be a genius!

E x